In Case of Emergency Tubes In Case of Emergency Tubes


In Case of Emergency Tubes


These highly visable Incase of Emergency Tubes are a safety essential when travelling with your dog! Constructed of  PVC pipe and fittings these large 36cm (14 inch) tubes, have a laser engraved plastic label that is UV stable and has excellent...

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Demanet Police & K9 Units Muzzle Vest

$385.00 $294.00

This vest is specially designed for agitation and bite work for civilian, military & police work. Protect yourself and allow the dogs to work. Ideal for muzzle work. Made of strong nylon material with thick padding.  This is truly a...

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Redline K9 Tactical Insertion Harness

$199.00 $149.00

This is the most functional Tactical Insertion Harness we have ever seen. Used by the US Army Specialised Search Dog School, the Tactical Insertion Harness features heavy duty nylon construction with quick release, high strength buckles that allow on/off...

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Demanet PSA Bite Suit

$3,193.95 $2,895.00

Demanet PSA Suit PSA, French Ring & Mondioring Suit Introducing the PSA Suit to the Demanet family! This suit is specially cut to fit close to the body. Stitching is sealed at the tops of the arms for better integrity and strength for this...

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Elite K9

K-9 Professional Hearing Protection

$116.50 $99.00

K-9 Professional Hearing Protection These ear protection aids are specifically designed for working dogs. Great for dogs working in combat or tactical environments, the shooting range, or when flying in aircraft. Engineered with precision to properly...

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Arrak Performance Pants

$118.80 $100.00

Arrak Outdoors new and enhanced performance pants for the outdoor enthusiasts. This design is lightweight and designed with Arrak's unique 4-way stretch material which gives you room to move when out running with your dog! These pants are...

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Arrak Active Stretch Pants

$119.74 $110.00

ARRAK Active Stretch Pants   Active Stretch Pants is a fantastic pant model from Arrak Outdoor. The pants are equipped with 4-way stretch material at the front of the knees, the back of the knees, and over the buttocks. This helps the pants...

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ROCA Training Vest ROCA Training Vest


ROCA Training Vest

$166.95 $124.45

Roca Training Vest New Updated Design Roca Sport make very stylish and functional dog training vests with multiple large pockets to store food and toys in whilst you train. Made from heavy duty durable nylon with open weave back for air flow these are...

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Redline K9

RedLine K9 Bandit Sleeve

$250.00 $220.00

RedLine K9 Bandit Sleeve   The RedLine K9 Bandit Sleeve was designed from the ground up to aid in training young dogs to focus on the sleeve and not the body during long attacks.  The unique open backed design allows for the helper to...

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Ketch All Animal Control Pole Products

$399.00 $279.95

Animal Control "Catch" PoleBy Ketch All   If you handle dogs that can be aggressive, vicious, aggressive or unpredictable, then you NEED one of these. The are made from aircraft grade aluminum tubing which is super strong yet light and easy to...

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Redline K9 Hand Protector Redline K9 Hand Protector
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Redline K9

Redline K9 Hand Protector

$89.95 $67.00

This leather hand protector is cheap compared to getting your fingers sewn back on! Dogs that are working a decoy in a bite suit may target the hands for a number of reasons or they may have come to you with this habit. Using these protectors allow you...

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