dog-toys-at-k9pro.jpgWe have a great selection of dog toys that will give you and your dogs hours of fun! We have chosen toys that are fit for purpose. This means a tug toy that we sell will be fit for that purpose, it is not fit for a chew toy.


All of the toys we have for purchase have been used day in and day out with our dogs in play and training scenarios (for months) to make sure all are up to the K9 Pro standard.



No dog toy is indestructible; leaving any toy with your dog will see some dogs destroy anything.


We recommend always supervising the type of play your dog initiates with the toy you have purchased until you are satisfied that this toy can be left alone with your dog.


We can have toys made of harder material so that no dog could chew them, but the damage would then be on your dogs’ teeth.

Think of dog toys as sacrificial, they will last various amounts of time but will not stand up to a dog that is determined to chew them up.




GoughNuts Kup

$54.95 $48.00

  The Goughnuts Kups are designed for interactive use only. Fill either toy with peanut butter, jerky or freeze water in the Kup while you enjoy a peaceful moment sipping your lemonade. Engineered and crafted in the USA from 100% natural rubber,...

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West Paw

Zisc - Glow In The Dark


The Zisc! Glow In The Dark   Made from the special ZOGOFLEX material, this toy is EXTREMLY versatile and pliable. This toy will keep your dog jumping... literally!!!!! With its tough weight and specially grooved shape, this incredible frisbee...

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Chuckit! Kick Cube


Chuckit! Kick Cube It's hip to be square! The Chuckit! Kick Cube is an innovative and fun toy for dogs of all breeds and sizes. The Chuckit! Kick Cube bounces erratically due to it's shape providing extra interest for your pet. Reinforced rubber...

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Redline K9

Redline K9 Fuzz-It Puppy Tug


RedLine K9 Fuzz-it Puppy Toy The Fuzz-it Puppy Toy is made with real medical grade sheepskin hide and 2 strong Rope handles to get a hold of for interactive play, your best friend will go crazy over this one. Play and tug with him. Best suited for young...

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EQDog Fetcher Tug

$34.00 $29.00

EQDog Fetcher Tug Interactive Natural Rubber Toy This fun rubber toy is the perfect retrieve toy for you and your furry friend. It is ideal for retrieving and tug games. The solid & soft handle gives more fun when playing and pulling with your dog...

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Pro-Trainer Retrieving Dumbbell


Pro Trainer Plastic Dumbbell The Pro-Trainer is an excellent exerciser and training dumbbell for the home and the trial ring. It is long lasting, easy to grip, floats and is made of non-toxic materials. Provides hours of enjoyment for your pet. Made...

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Redline K9

RedLine K9 EURO Rubber Ball

$35.00 $19.95

RedLine K9 EURO Ball The Redline K9 EURO ball on a rope is a made of a softer rubber than the Herm Sprenger ball, the softer rubber means it is easier for your dog to bite which makes them ideal for using to develop grip and build drive. These balls...

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JW Pet

Holee Roller

$34.95 $15.00

HOL-EE ROLLER by JW Pet The Holee Roller can be used as a play toy or even a treat dispenser, put some bones in there and you have a dog that is locked on target! We like these because they are DURABLE. The rubber is plyable but far from weak or...

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Chuckit! Squeaker Ball


Chuckit! Ultra Squeaker Ball   The Chuckit! Ultra Squeaker Ball is the latest addition to the extremely popular Chuckit Ultra ball range. With everything you love about the super durable, super bouncy, super FUN Ultra Balls, but with a SQUEAKER!...

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Chuckit! Ball Launcher LARGE

$49.95 $39.95

The Chuckit! 26 Large Launcher is a premium ball throwing arm to enhance the range of your fetch games with your medium to large dog. Featuring a comfortable cushioned grip and made from premium materials the launcher will make fetch fun for both you...

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The FooblerThe Foobler is an interactive puzzle toy for your dog. Entertain and challenge your dogs mind for up to 9 hours with this food dispensing toy. An automatic and self-reloading treat dispensing puzzle toy that has 6 timer activated pods for...

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Star Mark

StarMark Easy Glide Durafoam Disc

$31.95 $24.95

StarMark Easy Glide Durafoam Disc Made from the same famous Durafoam material as our best selling Swing'n'Fling Durafoam balls, the Easy Glide Durafoam Disc is a soft, extremely durable flying disc that is perfect for teaching your dog to catch, and can...

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Outward Hound

Invincibles Gecko

$34.95 $27.50

These toys keep squeaking even when punctured! With four squeakers inside, your dog is sure to love the brand new addition to the Outward Hound Invincibles range, Gecko! Dogs love toys that squeak, but lose interest after the "music" stops. Why...

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Chuckit! Ultra Tug

$34.95 $19.95

Chuckit! Ultra Tug The Chuckit Ultra Tug dog toy is a durable, rubber ball on a leash-style cord that's great for tug-of-war games with your dog and those intense rounds of toss-and-play. It's made of high-quality materials and designed specifically for...

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Euro Joe

Euro Joe Super Ball

$34.95 $32.00

Euro Joe Super Ball Made by our friends at Euro Joe, the Yellow Super Ball is known around the world, particularly in Schutzhund/IPO circles, as a super strong, quality ball on a rope ideal for training strong and highly prey driven dogs. Available in...

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