French Linen is what manufacturers make the highest quality Bite suites from all over the world.

French Linen is very durable material and makes for a great biting surface. Our tugs are filled with high quality cotton fibre, the handles are the strongest nylon and they are stitched with heavy duty 277 commercial thread.

These tugs wash very well and they last!

The beauty of French Linen is that it can be punctured, this allows dogs with softer mouths, such as Border Collies, Kelpies etc to get a great grip and we can then build more drive with that grip. We use French Linen on dogs that have more experience with the out, for dogs that have trouble with the out, we recommend our and Synthetic Tugs.

There are a lot of tugs on the market, these are the best hands down!

Note: No dog toy is indestructible, these are training aids and not meant to be left with your dog. Colour may vary

Klin Sport

French Linen Tugs By Klin Sport

E20.11 E15.47

These French linen tugs are specially made for our dogs and are designed for interactive activities. These two handle tug toys are an excellent drive building tool. A perfect tool to use for dog sports, engagement and focus, targeted heeling, send outs...

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Klin Sport

Sportsdog Tug by Klin Sport

E30.91 E24.72

This tug is designed by by Klin Sport has several great functions for use! It is made for dogs working on grip work, send aways, building engament and handler focus and can also be used for a remote reward. The special thing about these tugs is...

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Redline K9

RedLine K9 Karl Tug

E30.32 E27.82

Redline K9 Karl Tug RedLine K9 Bite Suit Tug Toys are made from french linen material. These tugs are extremely durable and at the same time provides a soft surface for your dog to sink his teeth into. Handles are made with 1" nylon webbing and large...

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3 Handle Send Out Toy


This 3 handle send out french linen toy makes the perfect target for teaching your dog the send out. It is thin and lays flat so your dog doesn't become reliant on a visual cue. You can put it at the send out location and gradually increase the distance...

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Magnet Tug

E20.11 E18.25

Magnet Tug - Tug Toy Only 1.5" x 8" French linen with encased magnet chamber Magnet Reward Systems are fast becoming a must have for those who want to get the ultimate focus and position in competition heel work. Used by many of the world’s...

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24" Double Handle French Linen Tug

E37.10 E30.63

Long Tug for Bitework   This is our 24” long (60cm long) FRENCH LINEN two handled Tug Toy. These are a must for training a dog in bite work and these make a great tool before going to a sleeve or leg sleeve. Two handles made from...

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