4 sizes from Micro to Large

Sizes to fit the smallest dog to the largest dog!

These are limited slip martingale collars that we stock all of the time, they are one of our biggest sellers.

Before selling these to clients and on our website we had been testing these for 12 months. After 12 months of what can only be described as abuse, these collars came through over and above others we have tried.

They use a chain to connect the collar and unlike other locally made collars, don't need constant adjustment.

They are also a very safe collar that can be used as an effective training tool also.

They are able to slipped over your dogs head and then adjusted to rest just under the dogs chin, thus making them more effective that a check chain.

They can be worn all of the time with tags on them, but you should observe the same caution as if your dog were wearing any collar.

They wash very well and will last you many years...

If your having no success with a check chain, one of these may surprise you...

Available in blue, red & black and come in four sizes.

Please measure your dogs neck and choose from the sizes in our options menu.

All metal hardware, chain, rings and buckles NO PLASTIC If you are not happy with this collar on its arrival, for any reason, send it back for a full refund on the purchase price!

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