PetArk has a wide range of Holistically Balanced Natural Therapy Formulas to assist with a number of issues such as muscles and joints, old age, nervousness, weight loss or obesity, breeding dogs or cats, recovery from hospitalisation, liver function and digestive upsets.


The team at PetArk have years of experience treating animals and are proud to be Australian owned. All PetArk formulas are produced right here in Victoria using the finest oral grade ingredients and organic or wild crafted herbs.


PetArk Calm Sport


Designed for Sport dogs and Greyhounds! PetArk Calm Sport assists in the maintenance of normal muscle and nerve function, and contains a range of nutrients that have a role in assisting the transmission of nerve impulses. PetArk Calm Sport makes...

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$95.00 $59.00

  PetArk Calm is now super concentrated due to the formula incorporating more herbal extracts rather than cut herbs. The formula is double the concentrate and therefore the dose rate has effectively halved!  PetArk Calm assists in the...

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