Natural Animals Solutions

Natural Animal Solutions Omega Oil


Natural Animal Solutions 5, 6 & 9 Omega Oil 500mL & 1 Litre Size Provide your pet with good health for life Many of us choose to provide our beautiful pets a longer, healthier and happier life everyday, so it’s no surprise to us...

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K9 Power

K9 Power Joint Strong


K9 Joint Strong - Joint Support Small - 450g Large - 950g XLarge 1.8 Kilos Healthy Joints, Happy Pets!  Joint health and mobility problems do not discriminate with a dog’s age or size; any dog can be susceptible to the pain of inflammation...

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K9 Power

K9 Power Go Dog


K9 Power Go Dog - Hydration DrinkAvailable in 454g and 900g Total Hydration Drink for Dogs!  K9 Power GO DOG,™, our hydration nutritional supplement for active dogs, is more than just water and carbs.  AND it’s not a human...

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K9 Power

K9 Power Young at Heart


K9 Power Young at Heart - Senior Formula Small - 450g Large - 1.8kg Add more years to your dog's life! While humans may be living longer due to advancements in medicine, the same may not be true for our canine companions.  Our...

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PetArk CALM - 200g   PetArk Calm is now super concentrated due to the formula incorporating more herbal extracts rather than cut herbs. The formula is double the concentrate and therefore the dose rate has effectively halved! Dose rates: Large...

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