Flygon - 500ML


Flygon GOLD is SAFE for dogs and aids in controllings and repelling susceptible Flies, Mosquitoes and other Nuisance Insects including House Fly (Musca domestica), Stable Fly (Stomoxys calcitrans), Bush Fly (Musca velustissima), Bot Fly (Gasterophilus...

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Sun Shade Cloth for your Dog


Beat the heat with our range of Shade Cloths! IN STOCK NOW! Our Shade Cloth Covers are manufactured using UV resistant 90% heavy-duty shade cloth fabric so are durable and long lasting.  While these are a thicker and a tightly woven shade...

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Mog & Bone


$49.95 $39.95

Super soft and cuddly, the Mog & Bone printed blanket effortlessly combines style & comfort. The blanket has a durable printed cotton canvas on one side and a warm, soft fleece on the reverse side. These blankets are ideal for placing on your...

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GiGwi Pop Pals Ball

$25.00 $17.80

Get ready for the ultimate game of fetch with GiGwi Pop Pals Ball! The latest in fetch technology, this ball will make your furry friend go wild with excitement. The first of its kind, our Pop Pals Ball is the perfect blend of high-performing hybrid...

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Company of Animals

Boomer Ball

$49.95 $9.95

The Boomer Ball is the perfect durable hard wearing toy. It is virtually indestructible and is ideal for those ball-obsessed toy destroyers, the larger-than-life characters who love to chase and conquer. Got a big dog with an unstoppable spirit? The...

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FURminator Nail Grinder

$55.00 $49.95

The FURminator® Nail Grinder files and smooths nails with ease on both dogs and cats. Pets need their nails trimmed on a regular basis. Untrimmed nails can affect their comfort and health and cause them to develop sore feet, legs and hips. This...

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Syntek Sport Leashes 1/4" Wide

$74.95 $33.50

The Round Syntek is perfect for trials & sport work or when you are just looking for a lightweight leash to walk your dog for your next adventure! These are approximately 1/4"" diameter and has a great feel to the hand. These come in a variety...

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Gripper Slip Leashes

$64.95 $43.45

A slip leash is a versatile and essential tool for dog owners who want to enjoy their dog to the fullest. This type of leash is made of a loop that slips over the dog's head and is ideal for training and walking. Our custom made slip leashes by Gripper...

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Hurtta Extreme Overalls


The Extreme Overall warming overall is designed for particularly cold conditions and for dogs that become cold easily. The overall is also suitable for warm-ups between workouts. The Extreme Overall warming overall is designed for particularly cold...

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Mini Pocket Tug


Our Mini Pocket Tugs are small and easy to hide. These are 3 Inches wide and 4 Inches long before stuffing. Finished with a strong nylon handle large enough to fit your hand through for hard playing dogs.  All Redline K-9 Bite Sit Tugs are...

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Blue 9 - Restore Dog Beds


Want to give your pup a place to relax after a long day of training? Get in our big bed. Give your pup his or her own place with a durable and water-resistant dog bed made of memory foam that's comfortable for your dog to laze the day...

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Cirrus CWI200 Wind Indicator

$224.00 $198.00

Cirrus CWI200 Wind Indicator  IN STOCK NOW Thousands of puffs per cartridge Cirrus has changed the wind detection market for the first time in decades. They have upgraded their wind indicators to the NEW CWI200 System This design allows the...

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Kick it! Tug it! Throw it!   The Chuckit!® Rope Fetch dog toy combines three ways to play into one unique toy.  Transform the Rope Fetch into a tug toy by unwrapping the rope from the ball. Made from durable polyester oxford material,...

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Drive Booster Seat - EZY DOG

$174.95 $150.00

A Dog Car Booster Seat from EzyDog Australia. The Drive™ Booster Seat is perfect for travelling in the car with your dog. The comfortable car seat provides adjustable elevation, to allow your dog a clear view of the road ahead and reducing...

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Drive Car Harness - EZY DOG

$149.95 $89.00

The Drive Harness from EzyDog Australia is a car safety harness for your dog.  Simply feed the seat belt through both webbing handles on the top of the harness, click the buckle into the seatbelt of your car and you're ready for the Drive...

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