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ROCA 2 Handle Tug

$48.15 $43.50

ROCA 2 Handle Tug     These tugs are great for grip development, engagement, sendaways and serious dogs where you need a strong quality tug! Made from the same durable material & craftsmanship as our ROCA Sport Bite...

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ROCA Round Pillow


ROCA Round Pillow

$84.95 $64.00

Great for training and using as a reward! Made with strong dogs in mind, these bite pillows are unique in that the dog can always get a nice grip on the toy even when it is rolling on the ground. These pillows are made with a leather layer underneath...

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ROCA Training Vest

$166.95 $139.95

Roca Training Vest New Updated Design Roca Sport make very stylish and functional dog training vests with multiple large pockets to store food and toys in whilst you train. Made from heavy duty durable nylon with open weave back for air flow these are...

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Elite K9

Working Dog Ball with T Handle


Working Dog Ball with T Handle Specially designed and built for working dogs, these hollow balls have a flexible bumpy surface allowing for maximum grip but tough enough to withstand the strongest working dogs. The specially designed handle with T-Tab...

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