We stock hi -quality items and tools used for scent detection and noseworks.

We can provide you with everything you need to be involved in the amazing game of Nose Work or to use in scent detection!

Nosework Oil Refills


Nosework Oil Refills Looking to replace your oils in your nosework kit? These oils are genuine oils that can be used in any NACSW Trial or school. We have all 4 recognised oils, Birch, Clove, Anise and Cypress which are each full of 100%...

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ScentLogix Magnetic 360° Stash Tubes

$59.95 $54.00

ScentLogix Magnetic 360° Stash Tube The Above-Ground Stash Tubes are made from galvanized steel and come with a powerful magnet. They can be placed anywhere or attached onto any metallic item, such as the underside of cars or behind metallic panels...

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Cirrus Cloud Replacement Cartridge

$49.95 $42.10

Cirrus Cloud Replacement Cartridge Take your tracking to the next level!   CIRRUS Cloud Formula Replacement Cartridge 2PK (For the Cirrus Wind Indicator)Professionals have discovered CIRRUS™ Wind Indicators and they are replacing the...

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Cirrus Wind Indicator Kit

$129.95 $104.00

Cirrus Wind Indicator Kit Take your tracking, Scent Detection, SAR and Nosework to the next level! CIRRUS has changed the wind detection market for the first time in decades. This unique design allows the user to puff a vapor-like cloud into the air...

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Nosework Tins

$12.50 $9.70

Nosework Tins with magnet Please note we are currently waitng on a new shipment of kits to land. We expect to have these by Mid December. If you would like to preorder, grab what you are after now and we will ship to you via express post once these land...

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Nosework Odour Tube 3 Pack


Nosework Odour Tube  These are brand new lip balm tubes (never used) that we can hide target odour inside. These also have tight sealing caps which allow you to seal off the tube so that the odour wont deminish or contaminate other things. Great...

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Nosework Kit
Sold Out

Nosework Kit

$135.00 $124.95

IN STOCK NOW  The sport of Nosework has taken off all around the world and dog owners are finding out what a great asset it is to teach their dog to use his or her nose in scent work. Our kit comes with 4 oils Anise, Birch, Clove & Cypress We...

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K-9 BSD Reward Scent Box


K-9 BSD HDPE Device Box  Reward Scent Box A must for all agencies, Elite K9 scent boxes measure 12" (30.48cm) x 12 " (30.48cm) x 12 " (30.48cm) with a 5" centre hole in the box. The K9 Reward Scent Box is secure to ensure safety while...

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Redline K9

RedLine K9 Magnetic Stash Boxes

$79.95 $45.00

Redline K9 Magnetic Stash Boxes Redline K9 Stash Boxes are made with high quality aluminum construction, the box is perforated on both ends as well as the top cover. The box is designed to slide open to place whatever substance you are working with...

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Scent Tube


Scent Detection Tubes Our tubes are made from heavy duty PVC plastic pipe, they wont be crushed by a dog grabbing them easily. They have holes drilled along the length of the tube which provides a nice even distribution of odour. Each end is fitted...

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