Get your puppy out!

Show him or her the world and what it all means and how to pay attention to you in the world and its many distractions, we promise it will pay off!


Deluxe Heavy Duty Puppy Pen

$449.95 $198.00

If you need something sturdier than metal wire exercise playpens, this heavy-duty version may be just what you need. The good news is that this dog enclosure can be put away and setup in minutes, plus it stores completely flat so you can take it with...

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Puppy Prey Drive Flirt Pole

$64.95 $55.95

These Flirt poles are specially designed for smaller dogs and puppies! This unique and durable interactive toy that helps tire out energetic dogs! Have a small dog or puppy with lots of energy? Try exercising your dog with the Flirt Pole! A ten minute...

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Adventure Front Seat Car Barrier

$34.00 $30.55

This Car Front Seat Barrier ensures pet safety and prevents distracted driving by keeping pets safe in the backseat. Barrier size is 43 x 46cm with adjustable straps for maximum fit to most vehicles with headrests. The barrier has mesh top which...

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Flexi Leash - Classic Cord


This isa Genuine Flexi Leash which is designed and made in Germany Whilst there have been a few versions and many copies, we only use the Flexi brand. Flexi Retractable Dog Leads allow you to fully control your dog and enable the recalling of your...

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Crate Covers - Designed by K9 PRO


Introducing our custom designed crate covers just for you!   K9 Pro only like to bring the best quality to our customers and your dogs and after much design work in the background our proud to release our latest crate cover designs for you! Crate...

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Soft Dog Travel Crate


 Our latest design comess in 7 different sizes, this versatile, wind/water resistant fabirc crate is ideal for traveling, attending dog shows and events as well as used as a crate or bed at home. Reinforced by a heavy duty steel frame that folds...

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ADAPTIL Junior Calming Collar

$99.95 $84.50

ADAPTIL Junior is the effective solution to comfort newly adopted puppies and facilitate their education. Comforts puppies through the challenges of adoption and beyond.  E.g. helps prevent crying all night, support for staying home...

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ROGZ Control Martingale Collars

$26.95 $17.45

Help your training and become a loose leash walking star with our ROGZ Obedience Collars! Is your dog pulling your arm out of your socket on every walk? The half-check Rogz Dog Obedience Collar gives you the control of a choker without the nasty...

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Ruffwear Dirtbag Dog Towel Ruffwear Dirtbag Dog Towel

Ruff Wear

Ruffwear Dirtbag Dog Towel


The post-adventure, absorbent coat for drying your dog and shielding your car or home from the remnants of exploring in wet or muddy conditions. Save your car trip home from the beach or river from dog shakes! These coats are perfect for keeping your...

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Company of Animals

Company of Animals Target Stick

$14.95 $12.95

The Company of Animals Target Stick is a key accessory for clicker training. It’s essentially an extendable stick with a soft rubber ball on the end, which provides a visual target to guide your dog. A key accessory for clicker training, trick...

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Cato Outdoors

Cato Plank and Cato Tilt Stand

$289.00 $194.95

  PREORDER NOW   Stock is Due to Land at K9 Pro Mid to Late MAY 2022     Take your Training to the next level with our Cato Outdoors Range! The Cato Plank with the Optional Cato Tilt Stand is a great tool for a variety of...

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Puppy Pen


Heavy Duty 6-Panel Exercise Pen for Both Indoor & Outdoor Use Currently the 42" Pen is out of stock, we do have other 6 panel pen options available, please email our team at and we can help you, with your puppy pen needs! An...

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Ruff Wear

Ruffwear Gnawt-a-Stick


Ruffwear Gnawt-a-Stick The Gnawt-a-Stick is inspired by driftwood, a favorite token among beach-combing dogs. This natural sustainable latex rubber toy is durable and chew-resistant, with a faceted, gum-massaging surface. It bounces erratically...

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Deluxe Crate Covers


 Deluxe Crate Covers Water Resistant Canvas Cover - Designed for Wire Pet Crates Please note we are currently out of stock of the 24" Covers. A great design that will fit both our Midwest Contour Crates and our Vebo range, Ideal to portect...

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Mutt Mats

Mutt Matts

$59.95 $49.95

Mutt Mats The original Mutt Mat is made of 100% cotton and is completely machine washable and dryable. Great for use on furniture, as a "place" mat, in a kennel, or in the car. Even roll it up & take it along! The Mutt Mat is a bedroll for your dog...

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