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Klin Sport

KLIN SPORT Slip Leash- Strong Hold


These slip leashes come in three fun colours! Strong nylon slip leashes with strong industrial grade clips with stainless steel rings. This design has an adjustable metal ring to limit the maximum range for the slip, meaning these will not choke the...

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Ruff Wear

Ruffwear Gnawt-a-Stick


Ruffwear Gnawt-a-Stick  The Gnawt-a-Stick is inspired by driftwood, a favorite token among beach-combing dogs. This natural sustainable latex rubber toy is durable and chew-resistant, with a faceted, gum-massaging surface. It bounces...

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Soft Travel Crate


Soft Travel Crate   Back by popular demand! This versatile fabric soft crate is ideal for traveling, attending dog shows, trials and events as well as a crate or bed at home. These soft crates are easy to use, and water resistant, they are...

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Deluxe Crate Covers


 Deluxe Crate Covers Water Resistant Canvas Cover - Designed for Wire Pet Crates Please note we are currently out of stock of the 24" Covers. A great design that will fit both our Midwest Contour Crates and our Vebo range, Ideal to portect...

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Mutt Mats

Mutt Matts

$59.95 $45.87

Mutt Mats The original Mutt Mat is made of 100% cotton and is completely machine washable and dryable. Great for use on furniture, as a "place" mat, in a kennel, or in the car. Even roll it up & take it along! The Mutt Mat is a bedroll for your dog...

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Jogging Pack

$79.95 $68.50

Jogging Pack Custom made by EQDOG - Introducing the Jogging Belt and Jogging Leash Want to be able to run with your dog and keep your hands free? This EQ Dog Jogging pack is designed to be able to handle your dog safley when out and...

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ROCA Puppy Pillow Super Soft - 3 Handle

$63.95 $56.00

ROCA  Puppy Pillow Super Soft - 3 Handle Another great puppy development tool from ROCA! This three handled plush puppy pillow is still strong and made from ROCA"s high qulity bite suit material. It  is designed to protect your dogs teeth...

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ROCA Extra Soft Puppy Pillow - 2 handles

$63.95 $56.00

 ROCA Extra Soft Puppy Pillow -  2 handles This Puppy Pillow is perfect for beginning bite work. Soft and strong. It is made of unique synthetic bite suit material which is designed to protect your dogs teeth more than traditional bite suit...

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Superior Pet Products

Dog Waste Bags

Dog Waste Bags LITTER PICK UP BAGS Our waste bags are bio degradable and available as a 25 pack. Ideal for use with our Pooper Scooper, store the roll in your car or at home and put individual bags in your treat pouch or simply as an everyday waste bag...

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Cooling Silver Mesh Tarp

$149.95 $132.00

Cooling Silver Mesh Tarp Great for dogs crated at shows, trials, training, dog sports etc  Contact us at if out of stock and you wish to preorder This is an awesome product to cover your crate, exercise pen or block sun from...

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Midwest Contour Wire Dog Crate 24" SMALL

$99.00 $74.00

Midwest Contour Wire Dog Crate Small - 24" double door crate Life Stages dog crates offer great value with both the divider panel and ABS plastic pan included. Great for active dogs, the unique door design has an anti-burst locking system. These crates...

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Flexi Leash Classic


Flexi Leash Classic This is the Genuine Flexi Leash which is designed and made in Germany, whilst there have been a few versions and many copies, we only use the Flexi brand. Elegant simplicity from one of the worlds oldest and most well respected...

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Redline K9

Mini IGP Blind

$199.00 $178.00

NEW! The Best Mini  Schutzhund / IGP blinds on the market! Our heavy duty RedLine K9 mini schutzhund blinds are highly portable and fabricated from high stress aluminum with heavy duty 19oz PVC vinyl covers. The sturdy aluminum poles have a solid...

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ChuckIt! Kick Fetch Ball

$65.00 $54.95

Large size - approx 19cm wide The Chuckit! Kick Fetch Ball is a big, lightweight ball designed to be kicked into action. Made from durable canvas, rubber and foam this big dog ball will be a favorite for outside games. Perfect for the yard, park or...

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Star Mark

Swing n' Fling Chew Ball

$39.95 $34.95

Starmark Swing n' Fling are a virtually indestructible ball designed for flying far and perfect for retrieval or tug of war games.A Ball that Does It All - Great to tug, shake, chew and toss. Even floats in water. Virtually Indestructible - Stronger...

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Scent Tube

Scent Detection Tubes Our tubes are made from heavy duty PVC plastic pipe, they wont be crushed by a dog grabbing them easily. They have holes drilled along the length of the tube which provides a nice even distribution of odour. Each end is fitted...

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