We prefer harnesses on puppies when beginning  there recalls and loose leash walking and games.

We at this early stage prefer to only use a collar for leash training or identification.

Waggin Tailz

Puppy ID Bands

$36.82 $21.02

Puppy ID Bands range has been designed with a new and improved Velcro material. You can be rest assured our ID Bands will not attach to other puppy collars or bedding, they are fully adjustable, no buckle or strings, easy wrap-around design, and...

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Waggin Tailz

Puppy ID Collars

$47.35 $36.82

  Following the life cycle of the puppy the Tiny Totz Collars have been designed to help identify those rebellious, mischievous and adventurous puppies through the most important developmental stages of their life. Features of Collars: Suitable...

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Ruff Wear

Webmaster Dog Harness by Ruffwear

$121.10 $115.83

Webmaster Harnessby Ruff Wear   A great alternative to a collar, this harness allows better distribution of pulling force.Originally designed for search-and-rescue organizations, the Web Master lets you assist your dog up and down in a variety of...

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Puppy Harness


Nylon Puppy Harness Made in Nylon We have a range of quality harnesses that can fit puppies, but as pups can grow out of them fast we have had demand to stock a more affordable harness for puppies. This is a budget harness that whilst still good...

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Dean and Tyler - Fun Dog Harness Dean and Tyler - Fun Dog Harness
Sold Out

Dean and Tyler

Dean and Tyler - Fun Dog Harness

$105.30 $55.78

Harness DT Fun These are a great versatile, all round harness that is great for training, tracking, general use, puppies and adult dogs. Purchase a side patch to sit on either side of the harness to help send the message to passers by what your dog is...

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Martingale Collar

$31.61 $21.02

Martingale Collars Please choose your size. We advise that you buy the smallest collar that will fit over your dogs head. This will make for the best fit on the neck. 100% Money Back Guarantee Won't Slip over your dogs head Not available...

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