We prefer harnesses on puppies when beginning  there recalls and loose leash walking and games.

We at this early stage prefer to only use a collar for leash training or identification.

Ruff Wear

Webmaster Dog Harness by Ruffwear

$114.95 $109.95

Webmaster Harnessby Ruff Wear   A great alternative to a collar, this harness allows better distribution of pulling force.Originally designed for search-and-rescue organizations, the Web Master lets you assist your dog up and down in a variety of...

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Dean and Tyler - Fun Dog Harness Dean and Tyler - Fun Dog Harness
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Dean and Tyler

Dean and Tyler - Fun Dog Harness

$99.95 $52.95

Harness DT Fun These are a great versatile, all round harness that is great for training, tracking, general use, puppies and adult dogs. Purchase a side patch to sit on either side of the harness to help send the message to passers by what your dog is...

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