All our bowls are of excellent quality, the stainless used is food grade which means no nasty chemicals leaching into your dogs food or water.

We have bowls aavailable for litters, food and water bowls for when your puppy comes to join the family too!



$69.95 $54.95

Adjustable Height Double Diner Stainless Steel Bowl Is The Perfect Set Up For Your Pooch Who Struggles To Eat Their Meal From The Floor This Adjustable Double Diner comes with 2 durable stainless steel bowls that can hold the capacity of 2.80Lt...

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Weanafeeder Extra Bowls

$3.95 $2.00

All weanafeeders come with bowls, but occasionally you may need a replacement or just a few extras to have on hand. These are Stainless Steel Bowls and we have sizes available to fit your mini and maxi feeders.     Please note this is...

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Weanafeeda Puppy Feeding System

$179.00 $119.00

IN STOCK NOW!! Revolutionise the way you feed your puppy litters with the Weanafeeda Range Weanafeeda… Use it to believe it! It’s logical, functional and simply effective!   Weanafeeda - The multiple bowl carrier/feeder for...

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Litter Feeding Bowl

$42.95 $27.45

Placing a big bowl down and letting puppies fght for their food is a sure way to create a dog that is a resource guarder, in other words gets aggressive around food. These bowls allow each puppy to feed and they will not be elbowed out by other pups...

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