The invention of Jim Faggiano some 35 years ago, JAFCO Muzzles are a world recognised brand.

These are a great Muzzle for aggressive dogs, dogs that need to be kept away from wounds etc.

The dog can open its mouth to pant, drink or even bark, it just cannot bite.

These muzzles can be worn for extended periods of time without inhibiting the dogs breathing, drinking, panting or stress responses.



JAFCO Strap Extenders


The extension strap will add up to an extra 15cm to the length of the head strap of the muzzle. This extension is compatible with  ALL JAFCO MUZZLES ONLY  It is generally used for dogs with very wide heads, like large Rottweilers, Mastiffs,...

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JAFCO Conditioning Muzzle


  K9 Pro are an Official Australian Distributor of Jafco Muzzles! CLICK HERE TO READ OUR MUZZLE MEASURING GUIDE Conditioning muzzles are perfect for teaching your dog to wear a muzzle. A larger hole at the front of the muzzle allows treats to be...

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