Long Lines are a necessity for every dog owner!

Until you have your dog trained under distraction to recall off leash, your dog should be on a long line, otherwise you might just be teaching him or her, they do not have to come.


Our Syn Tek Long Lines are completely weather proof, super strong and very light.

They feel like leather and are soft right from brand new.

Nylon Web:

We also make our own Nylon Web Lines that are high quality nylon web that is very strong, light and great value!


K9 Pro are also the Australian Distributor for Gripper! A rubber impregnated cotton line made by Gripleash USA.

All of our Long Lines have our traditional Heavy Duty Solid snaps sewn in.

If you need a Long Line for your pet, your dog that is Training In Drive or your Working or Tracking Dog, take a look at ours, you won’t be disappointed.

Sure you can use rope, but this is a safety item, we rate your dogs safety very high, maybe you should too!

Why do you need a long line?

Dogs that are not trained in the recall and proofed under distraction are still in training, they may be learning that they don't have to come and this will make recall training more difficult later on. Lines are also for safety, some dogs will chase things that move, if your dog does this to a car, he could be killed, if he chases a person or another animal, he could be Declared Dangerous or worse.

They must be light enough so the dog isn't restricted or isn't aware that he isn't too aware he has a line on.

It must be strong enough to hold the dog at full charge.

It must not be thin cord, this may cut or burn you and or your dog.

It must not absorb water on wet days so that it become heavy.

It must last!

Yes ours meet all these standards.

Klin Sport

Syntek Sport Longline with handle

$74.95 $49.95

The round Syntek is perfect for line handling, building recalls, tracking & noseworks/ scent detection. It is approximately 3/8" diameter and has a great feel to the hand. These are also great for bush walking and taking your dog out to the...

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Klin Sport

Nylon Long Line

$39.95 $32.50

High quality web long line to use with your new puppy These can also be used to build recalls and used in both tracking and obedience training. Give your dog more freedom and room to explore yet keep them safe and under effective control...

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Klin Sport

Syntek Sport Drag Line 10m Length

$74.00 $64.95

 Our 10 metre (33 foot) Syntek Sport Drag Line is of unbelievable quality. Made from a man made material, it is stronger and lighter than leather.   Made by our friends at Klin Sport these 10m drag lines are perfect for our tracking,...

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