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Syntek Slip Leash - Extra Strong!

A slip lead is the simplest way to control a dog. It is composed of a single line strung through a ring at one end, to make a continuously tightening loop that goes around your dog's neck. Our Syntek Slip Leashes are made in our famous strong...

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Nylon Slip Leash - Extra Strong

$49.00 $38.50

Nylon Slip Leash Flexible Nylon slip leash with a reinforced Polyamide core makes this the strongest nylon slip leash available! With a metal ring and clip to limit the maximum range for the slip, ensuring a perfect fit for every dog every time with no...

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Premium Leather Slip Leash

$65.00 $55.00

 Slip Leash 6ft Premium Leather Has Built in Slip Collar! These are the leashes we are famous for...  Made from the same leather our Premium Leather Dog Leash Range is made from, they are handmade in the US by old world craftsmen, they just...

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