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The Gripper® Leash . . . a remarkable training tool that gives pet owners "The Ultimate Edge".

This revolutionary concept of incorporating rubberized stitching into a woven cotton/polyester fabric makes this unrivaled leash the preferred training tool of many professionals around the world.

KT Hodges founded The Gripper® Company in 1996 who has a love of animals, especially dogs.

Her 30 years of handling experience includes a variety of animals; horses, dogs, raccoon's, and exotic cats including lions, tigers and cougars.

After vigorous testing and use, the Gripper Leash is a great addition to our range of leashes.

Klin Sport

Sport Slip Leash

$35.95 $31.95

Our Sport Slip Leashes have a unique design of a leash and collar in one. These are perfect for all types of activity, from going for a walk with your best friend or training work. This combination leash & slip collar in one, tightens when pulled...

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