At K9 PRO we have some seriously good Leather Harnesses

We truly feel that after working dogs in harnesses for many years, our leather harneses have the best functionality due to the multiple points of adjustment, breast plate with recess for air flow, saddle and quick release clips.

Many years ago people would work dogs on collars, some even check chains. Over time we learned that these were taking drive out of dogs and started using wide, flat leather collars which will distribute the pressure over a larger surface. That was a START.

Working a dog in drive should be done in a harness, I still from time to time see a dog being worked in drive, perhaps by a decoy and the dog being restrained by a check collar. The dog is lunging into the collar and its neck bearing the brunt.

If you own a Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Doberman etc. you really will love these, they make your dog look (even more) AWESOME.

Redline K9

Leather Bottcher Harness

$89.95 $74.00

  The bottcher harness was first used back in the 1920's and 1930's.  This is a very effective harness to use to train dogs to keep their nose down on the ground. The loop of the harness goes around the dogs haunches, with the lower line runs...

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Light Weight Leather Harness


K9 Pro Light Weight HARNESS Premium Leather - now standard with breast plate! We made this harness as a light weight version of our Tactical K9 Harness, this one is a single ply quick release harness with breast plate (this is removable). We have...

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Tactical K9 Leather Harness

$229.00 $210.00

    We have some great harnesses here at K9 Pro. My favourite is our own design, the K9 Pro Tactical K9 Leather Harness, strong enough for ANYTHING! This harness has an improved breast plate that is smaller and lighter than most, but its Y...

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