Backpacks are a great way to exercise your dog and get him or her out and about.

Store your dog's gear in here and some of yours and get out there!

They are also very good for helping with your dogs energy management and can even be beneficial in reducing behaviour problems.

Also suitable for dogs doing weight training and hiking work.


Flex Pack II By EQ DOG

$99.95 $89.00

This pack is great for those who love to hike or go for adventures with their dog! But who wants to carry the pack and all the gear? We have a solution. Divide it up! Don’t worry, your dog won’t mind helping! It gives him a sense of duty...

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Ruff Wear

Approach Pack by Ruffwear


Approach Pack - NEW COLOURS! by Ruff Wear A great everyday pack with excellent performance, fit, and functionality. Use it to offset your load, or for training and exercise. The Approach Pack gives your dog a load to carry and a job to do, generating...

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