Herm Sprenger Gloves

For the serious dog handler!

After many years of working dogs without gloves, these are a blessing, especially on those cold mornings where a graze from a tooth stings like hell!

I tried loads of gloves and found the latest range of Herm Sprenger the very best for this work, hands down!

With increased grip for tug work, beefed up protection in all the areas we get nipped or grazed, these take the sting out of this work.

I also use these now when handling dogs on leash too, the extra grip really makes the job easier. Our profession needs to looks after its handlers and trainers, protective clothing is always the smart way to go.

Herm Sprenger

Herm Sprenger Original FlexGrip Gloves

$122.00 $97.00

Made by Herm Sprenger these gloves are specially designed for dog sports and are an investment in your training! Protect your hands during training with food or those rough tug games! These gloves are made specifically for serious dog handlers...

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