Cooling Products for People

There are many times that when training or working dogs the weather is hard on us too, the hotter it gets the less motivated we become and we can struggle to focus and work the way we would like to.

When Steve runs decoy sessions for people and their dogs, he may wear his bite suit, a heavy linen suit that has very little ventilation, and you can bet it gets hot in there.

He also has a skull cap and peaked cap he wears as well.

Decoys who train bite work universally complain about the heat when doing this work.

Steve wears his Elite Sports Vest under the bite suit and the heat no longer is a problem. He also wears it when hiding from search dogs or any highly physical activity when the weather is hot.

Steve says "I have worn many different products to help with the heat and fatigue under bite suits, scratch pants etc, some of those have helped but none really took more than the edge off. These Phase Change Vests are unbelievable, working a dog on a warm day in a bite suit is now like working in a 18 degree day"

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