Kennel and Grooming Products for your dog!


Airex Exercise Mat

$224.00 $199.00

Airex mats are instantly ready for a wide variety of training programs and exercises and offer endless possibilities for new workouts. Indoors, outdoors and in the water – the indestructible Airex products are a must for any training. The...

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Waggin Tailz

Puppy ID Bands

$34.95 $19.95

Puppy ID Bands range has been designed with a new and improved Velcro material. You can be rest assured our ID Bands will not attach to other puppy collars or bedding, they are fully adjustable, no buckle or strings, easy wrap-around design, and...

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Fido's White & Bright Shampoo

$44.95 $39.95

Fido’s White and Bright Shampoo is soap-free shampoo for dogs, cats, kittens and puppies. Ideal for white and light coloured coats. Enriched with orange and grapefruit essential oils, this shampoo adds brilliance and shine to the coat without...

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Ketch & Release ALL Pole - 5ft

$314.95 $294.00

The latest design from Ketch all company to be able to catch and handle dogs safely and effectively With this design you now have two ways to release the animal. In addition to the proven and trusted spring loaded release mechanism, Ketch-All has added...

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Disposable Dog Diapers

$29.95 $24.95

Disposable Diapers are to help with females in heat, excitable urination & protection against accidents. They have leak proof protection with a breathable outer layer. Dog diapers are used for females in heat, traveling, incontinence, excitable...

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$69.95 $54.95

Adjustable Height Double Diner Stainless Steel Bowl Is The Perfect Set Up For Your Pooch Who Struggles To Eat Their Meal From The Floor This Adjustable Double Diner comes with 2 durable stainless steel bowls that can hold the capacity of 2.80Lt...

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Millers Forge

Millers Forge Slicker Brush - Large

$43.95 $34.00

Millers Forge Grooming Products are known highest standard in quality and design and are used by grooming professionals around the world.   The featherweight design of the large Millers Forge Designer Soft Slicker helps eliminate hand fatigue. The...

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Weanafeeder Extra Bowls

$3.95 $2.00

All weanafeeders come with bowls, but occasionally you may need a replacement or just a few extras to have on hand. These are Stainless Steel Bowls and we have sizes available to fit your mini and maxi feeders.

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Weanafeeda Puppy Feeding System Weanafeeda Puppy Feeding System
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Weanafeeda Puppy Feeding System

$179.00 $109.00

Revolutionise the way you feed your puppy litters with the Weanafeeda Range Weanafeeda… Use it to believe it! It’s logical, functional and simply effective!   Weanafeeda ™ - the multiple bowl carrier/feeder for...

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Yours Drooly

Shear Magic Shedding Rake - Medium

$43.95 $33.95

Introducing the Shear Magic Shedding Rake is a professional-quality shedding brush to help remove excess fur in dogs who regularly shed. This stainless-steel raking brush penetrates through to the thick layers of your pet’s top coat to help you...

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Millers Forge

Millers Forge Double Row Undercoat Rake

$49.50 $43.50

Millers Forge Double Row Undercoat Rake has two levels of different-sized pins to effectively remove undercoat and loose dead hair with speed and efficiency.   Perfect for when you need to strip out those thick coats! Designed by groomers...

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Vetsense Flygon

$49.95 $31.95

VETSENSE FLYGON – TOPICAL INSECTICIDAL AND REPELLENT SPRAY Vetsense Flygon is an innovative formulation for repelling flies, mosquitoes and other biting insects. The topical spray has insecticidal effect that eliminates fleas and prevents flea...

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