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Cato Outdoors

Cato Plank and Cato Tilt Stand

$219.95 $149.00

Take your Training to the next level with our Cato Outdoors Range!   We do have another shipment of Cato planks with tilt stands on the way!    Our first preorder shipment has sold out This next batch is looking to be here by late...

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Ketch & Release ALL Pole - 5ft

$314.95 $294.00

The latest design from Ketch all company to be able to catch and handle dogs safely and effectively With this design you now have two ways to release the animal. In addition to the proven and trusted spring loaded release mechanism, Ketch-All has added...

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Cato Outdoor Training Boards Cato Outdoor Training Boards

Cato Outdoors

Cato Outdoor Training Boards

$210.00 $129.00

Cato Boards- The Perfect Training Tool for EVERY Dog IN STOCK NOW!!! Place training is crucial for dog training, and the Cato Board is the perfect tool for teaching this all-important command. Safe, elevated, sturdy, and portable. The Cato Board...

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Klin Sport

Transport & Treatment Sling

$99.95 $84.50

Our Sling is  designed to provide a convenient and safe way to improve mobility for older, injured or invalid dogs, or those recuperating from surgery. Features front and rear leg entry points for maximum lifting assistance. It also has fours...

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In Case of Emergency Tubes In Case of Emergency Tubes


In Case of Emergency Tubes


These highly visable Incase of Emergency Tubes are a safety essential when travelling with your dog! Constructed of  PVC pipe and fittings these large 36cm (14 inch) tubes, have a laser engraved plastic label that is UV stable and has excellent...

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Aussie Dog Kennels

Aussie Dog Kennels - Dog Runs


Keep your dog’s safe and secure with an "Aussie Box" 2-bay steel dog kennel. Flat packed, Easy Assemble 2 bay Dog Kennels. Standing on 600mm reinforced skids, Aussie Box kennels feature an enclosed, lockable box design to protect dogs from...

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Demanet Police & K9 Units Muzzle Vest

$385.00 $294.00

This vest is specially designed for agitation and bite work for civilian, military & police work. Protect yourself and allow the dogs to work. Ideal for muzzle work. Made of strong nylon material with thick padding.  This is truly a...

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K9 Pro Training Beds


Our custom made K9 Pro Training Beds are specially designed for us by our friends at 4 Legs for Pets in the USA. We need strong, sturdy beds that would stand up to extensive use, be easy to assemble and disassemble and are light weight and easy to carry...

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Euro Joe Tactical Harness

$114.95 $104.95

This harness really does it all! Suitable for tracking & protection work it is also great conditioning and fitness exercises with your dog. This harness has multiple front and back attachments 2 on the top and two underneath, allowing it to be...

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Redline K9 Tactical Insertion Harness

$199.00 $149.00

This is the most functional Tactical Insertion Harness we have ever seen. Used by the US Army Specialised Search Dog School, the Tactical Insertion Harness features heavy duty nylon construction with quick release, high strength buckles that allow on/off...

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Klin Sport

Klin Sport Magnet Ball

$35.95 $31.95

This ball is an awesome training device for highly effective reward delivery. These balls are fantastic tool for teaching and proofing your targeted heeling! By adding magnets this ball will stick to your body, so you have your hands free. You can...

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