When you are going to head out with your dog, make sure you have the right gear to take along for your adventure

The right gear can make a day trip, weekend trip or extended trip with your dog just what you had hoped for!

Ruffwear Flagline Harness


The Flagline Harness is a fast, light, and comfortable body harness with a nimble design that keeps dogs in their flow, from scrambling in the backcountry to conquering everyday obstacles. A handle and load-dispersing chest/belly panel make for easy...

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KONG Travel Mat

$89.95 $69.95

This Travel Mat is great for is great for dogs! You can truly take this anywhere use in the car or in your dogs crate or training bed at home for extra comfort.   It is made of resistant and waterproof fabric, with reinforced stitching. It also...

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Adventure Front Seat Car Barrier

$34.00 $30.55

This Car Front Seat Barrier ensures pet safety and prevents distracted driving by keeping pets safe in the backseat. Barrier size is 43 x 46cm with adjustable straps for maximum fit to most vehicles with headrests. The barrier has mesh top which...

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Cato Outdoors

Cato Outdoor Tilt Stand ONLY

$69.95 $59.95

The Cato Tilt Stand can be used to turn the Cato Plank into a multi-height teeter that has settings for 2", 5" and 10". These height gradations mean that even the most timid of dogs can learn to enjoy making the teeter move. The teeter configuration...

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Crate Covers - Designed by K9 PRO


Introducing our custom designed crate covers just for you!   K9 Pro only like to bring the best quality to our customers and your dogs and after much design work in the background our proud to release our latest crate cover designs for you! Crate...

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PETKIT Eversweet Travel Water Bottle

$34.95 $29.70

This Award-Winning PETKIT Eversweet Travel water bottle is the best solution for travelling with your pets and keeping them hydrated with fresh water all the time. The water bottle is made of food-grade BPA-free plastic and detachable through...

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K9 Pro Dog Treat Pouch

$44.95 $34.95

The purpose of a treat pouch is to be able to carry treats, keep your hands free, be able to access those treats fast and repeatedly, it must also be comfortable not too heavy and easy to clean. We have always found it difficult to find a treat pouch we...

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Company of Animals

Company of Animals Target Stick

$14.95 $12.95

The Company of Animals Target Stick is a key accessory for clicker training. It’s essentially an extendable stick with a soft rubber ball on the end, which provides a visual target to guide your dog. A key accessory for clicker training, trick...

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Pro Life Vest by EQDOG

$139.95 $120.00

This high tech life vest covers your dog like a second skin. It is light, completely waterproof and doesn't soak up with water during use. The streamlined design gives your dog free movement in and out of the water. The strong handle on top...

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Klimb Safety Plug Set

$29.95 $24.50

This set of four Cap Plugs to go into the holes on top of the KLIMB when legs are not in use.   This prevents small dog legs/feet from slipping into them.  Not to be used when legs are installed in the KLIMB. Using the KLIMB without the legs...

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Propel Air Platform by Blue-9

$159.95 $134.95

Wanting to help your dog build balance, agility, and strength? We’ve got a platform for that! This Platform by Blue 9 is perfect for working to strengthen your dogs core and rehabilitaion support.   Take your dog's training to new...

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Cato Outdoors

Cato Outdoor Training Boards

$210.00 $179.95

PREORDER NOW STOCK IS DUE TO LAND MID TO LATE JANUARY 2023 Select parcel post as your shipping option and we will send via express once stock lands!   Cato Boards- The Perfect Training Tool for EVERY Dog Place training is crucial for dog...

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