Dogs can be subject to a big variance in temperature change, it can go from sunny and warm during the daytime to very cold at night, and dogs that work in warm or cold weather will do so better with the correct gear. Dog wear is so much more then just dressing up your dog (though they sure look cute when we do it!) it is about warming them up, protecting their muscles or can be to help keep your dogs cool and prevent them from overheating.


A dog that will need to perform on a hot day will perform at a much higher level when they start at a better (cooler) body temperature.

Dogs working in cold weather will sustain injuries easy because they can cool off when in active and go straight to full speed.


We have footwear & protective sprays to support your dog, from sliding on the floor in house, to protect their pads when running or out in extreme weather conditions such as sleet and snow.


Increasingly our government services agents now use our products such as Tuf Foot, Grip Trex and Polar Trex Boots to protect their dogs when out on the job!


We have a range of coats and dog wear to spupport your dog in whatever condition.


Not sure how to fit your dog for their gear our team can help! You can even bring your dog down for a fitting.



Hurtta Worker Vest Combo


The Worker is a light, high-visibility vest for outdoor activities and hunting for dogs. The plentiful reflective prints and 3M reflective piping ensure good visibility. Worker is a light, high-visibility vest for outdoor activities and hunting for...

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Hurtta Outback Dreamer ECO

$169.00 $139.00

The Hurtta Outback Dreamer Sleeping Bag has been designed to support the dog’s natural sleeping position, allowing your dog to curl up easily. The foil inside the lining of the Outback Dreamer Sleeping Bag reflects the dog’s body heat and...

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Breezy Pants by Hurtta

$39.95 $34.00

The Breezy female dog hygiene pants are designed for indoor use to protect indoor surfaces and provide comfort when a female dog is in season Breezy pants are comfortable, fit well, and protect surfaces and textiles at home from the stains that can...

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Hurtta Drizzle Raincoat

$179.00 $105.00

The Drizzle Raincoat is an essential outfit for every dog in rainy, windy or muddy conditions. The coat is also excellent in cooler temperatures due to the warming foil lining.      The Drizzle coat is also excellent in cooler...

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KONG Travel Mat

$89.95 $69.95

This Travel Mat is great for is great for dogs! You can truly take this anywhere use in the car or in your dogs crate or training bed at home for extra comfort.   It is made of resistant and waterproof fabric, with reinforced stitching. It also...

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Hurtta Cooling Wrap

$94.00 $70.00

The Hurtta Cooling Wrap provides effective cooling effect for your dog, minimizing body heat and providing comfort even in the warmest weather. The Cooling Wrap is safe for your dog because it mimics our body’s own natural cooling process. Simply...

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Snuggle Pals



Your dog will feel like they are sleeping on a cloud with their Snuggle Pals Bed! SHIPPING NOTE: Please note these beds are special order item, please allow for 2-3 weeks shipping times. We will have your bed ordered as your order comes in. This way...

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Car Shade Magnets Car Shade Magnets
Sold Out


Car Shade Magnets

$49.95 $39.95

Tired of hooking your shade covers with zip ties to your crate or under the windscreen and door of your car? We have the solution! Just place six magnets on your car shade cloth (most people use aluminet). Two in the front, two in the middle and two on...

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Smart Pet Love

Snuggle Blanket


Nothing beats seeing your pet curled up all cozy, safe and warm. These blankets will have your pet curled up in his or her own snuggle blanket while you’re lounging on the couch next to them. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? The...

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Ruff Wear

Audible Beacon Safety Light

$73.95 $64.95

Designed for the vision impared and those with seeing eye dogs in mind, the Audible Beacon inspires confidence by helping people be seen. This safety light uses audible signals to indicate on/off, low battery, charging, and charge complete. The Audible...

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Rex Specs V2 Replacement Lenses


Add some spice to your Rex Specs V2 Frames! Available in nine different shades to meet your dog's needs. From left to right & top row down Clear, Smoke, Red Mirror, Red Mirror Silver Mirror, Blue Mirror, Green Mirror Yellow Mirror, Pink...

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Rex Specs Eyewear - V2 Goggles


  Rex Specs V2 is the latest version of our best-selling dog goggle. Over the years we’ve tested, lived with, and beat the crap out of the original Rex Specs goggle. The V2 embodies all that we have learned. The updates boast improved fit,...

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Ruffwear Dirtbag Dog Towel Ruffwear Dirtbag Dog Towel

Ruff Wear

Ruffwear Dirtbag Dog Towel


The post-adventure, absorbent coat for drying your dog and shielding your car or home from the remnants of exploring in wet or muddy conditions. Save your car trip home from the beach or river from dog shakes! These coats are perfect for keeping your...

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Undercoat Water Jacket By Ruffwear Undercoat Water Jacket By Ruffwear

Ruff Wear

Undercoat Water Jacket By Ruffwear

$129.95 $90.00

Our Ruffwear Under water jacket is an amphibious jacket for keeping dogs warm – great for extending water adventures into colder weather or for dogs that are prone to getting cold when wet. These underwater jackets are great for dogs that love the...

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