BALLS @ K9 Pro

Most dogs love balls, we have the biggest range of balls that you will find anywhere!
The only brands we stock though are those that can take a beating, are good value and loved by dogs!
Take a look you may be surprised how many we have


Chuckit! Ultra Balls


Ultra Balls by Chuckit! These Ultra Balls by Chuck it are a rubber ball that we would have to say would be one of the best balls to play fetch with. They are designed and made by the guys at Chuckit so will fit into the Chuckit Launchers, which is a...

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JW Pet

Holee Roller


HOL-EE ROLLER by JW Pet The Holee Roller can be used as a play toy or even a treat dispenser, put some bones in there and you have a dog that is locked on target! We like these because they are DURABLE. The rubber is plyable but far from weak or...

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West Paw

Jive by West Paw


The Jive!  Small and Large Made from the special ZOGOFLEX material, this toy is EXTREMLY versatile and pliable. This toy will keep your dog jumping... literally! With its tough weight and specially grooved shape, this incredible ball will bounce...

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Planet Dog

Orbee-Tuff Ball on a Rope by Planet Dog


Orbee Tuff Ball on a Rope By Planet Dog Tennis Balls are known to destroy dogs teeth, these won't and they bounce better and last longer, get your dog a toy he will love that won't cost him his teeth! These balls are great for building drive with for...

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West Paw

Qwizl by West Paw


The Qwizl  Small and Large Qwizl® is an award-winning, interactive treat-dispensing toy made by West Paw that keeps dogs stimulated and pleasantly puzzled. Its brilliant design extends the life of expensive dog treats while prolonging play to...

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