dog-toys-at-k9pro.jpgWe have a great selection of dog toys that will give you and your dogs hours of fun! We have chosen toys that are fit for purpose. This means a tug toy that we sell will be fit for that purpose, it is not fit for a chew toy.


All of the toys we have for purchase have been used day in and day out with our dogs in play and training scenarios (for months) to make sure all are up to the K9 Pro standard.



No dog toy is indestructible; leaving any toy with your dog will see some dogs destroy anything.


We recommend always supervising the type of play your dog initiates with the toy you have purchased until you are satisfied that this toy can be left alone with your dog.


We can have toys made of harder material so that no dog could chew them, but the damage would then be on your dogs’ teeth.

Think of dog toys as sacrificial, they will last various amounts of time but will not stand up to a dog that is determined to chew them up.






Meet the GoughNuts KSP enrichment & work to eat range of toys! Goughnuts Inc was asked to participate in a collaboration to develop applicable rubber chemistry for a new company called Kore Specialty Products.  Kore or KSP set out to...

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With luxuriously soft plush, seasonal accessories and a squeaker, this cuddle buddy’s ideal for indoor play and snuggling between romps. KONG Holiday Cozie Reindeer’s luxuriously soft plush makes him an idea snuggle buddy during the busy...

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KONG CHRISTMAS Shakers Luvs Reindeer Plush Squeak Medium Toy For Dogs Is A Perfect Stocking Filler For Your Pooch KONG Christmas Shakers Luvs Reindeer Medium – This adorable reindeer is a fantastic toy for keeping your energetic canine friend...

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Snuggle Pals



Dachshund through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh, this cute little Dachshund will steal your pups heart and jingle all the way! The Dachshund with Hat Snuggle Buddies Christmas Toy by Prestige will keep your pet amused this Holiday Season. This...

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Snuggle Pals



Your dog should also enjoy gifts from, Santa too! Our Snuggle Pals  Christmas dogs are Plush, Cuddly, and ready to Snuggle! This Schnauzer dog will not only be holding a plush gift, but will be the perfect gift for your pup this christmas. With...

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Holiday Crinkle - Santa


This ZippyPaws Holiday Crinkle Santa will be sure to bring your pup Christmas joy! This super entertaining toy contains a squeaker as well as crinkly arms and legs to bring your dog hours of festive fun! This is a soft dog toy Squeaker: 1...

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Kong Holiday AirDog Squeaker Stick


KONG Christmas Holiday AirDog Squeaker Stick Large Squeak Toy For Dogs Is A Fun And Festive Stocking Filler For Your Pooch Ideal for interactive play that burns off extra holiday energy! This also FLOATS! This fun squeaky stick toy is a...

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KONG Holiday Wubbas!


KONG Holiday Wubba Christmas toys delivers festive fun in a long toy that satisfies thrashing and tugging instincts. The KONG Wubba are the cutest interactive squeak and shake toy available. These versatile toys are perfect for indoor and outdoor use,...

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Tug Holiday Bundle

$127.00 $94.00

Make sure Santa doesn't forget the Dog this Christmas!   This Christmas stocking is STUFFED with three French Linen Tugs for your dog to enjoy! Each pack contains the following French Linen Tugs 2" x 10" Double Handle Tug 2" x 12" Single...

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$199.00 $59.00

Save BIG with this value pack. This one is for the small dogs!   Small Orbee ball on rope - These balls are great for building drive with for dogs that are really driven by a ball, the rope means you can put a lot of movement into these...

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Get Out & PLAY Value Pack

$139.95 $89.95

Save $50.00 with our great tug and ball pack! This value pack makes a great stocking stuffer! This bundle is ideal for those dogs who love a good game of fetch! This pack contains the following balls and tugs: Klin leather reward ball, a great ball...

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Chuckit! Indoor Shaker Ball Chuckit! Indoor Shaker Ball
Sold Out


Chuckit! Indoor Shaker Ball


The Chuckit!® Indoor Shaker is the perfect complement to cold days, hardwood floors, or late-night games of fetch. Made from a textured chenille fabric that is ideal for small dogs and puppies. The multilayer soft construction is safe for indoor use...

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KONG Cleaning Brush


KONG Brush makes cleaning KONG Classic shaped toys quick and easy, because even the most skilled dog can miss a few spots. Insert brush into KONG, twist and scrub and the specially shaped, flexible bristles efficiently remove leftover treats. Cleans...

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GiGwi Pop Pals Ball

$25.00 $17.80

Get ready for the ultimate game of fetch with GiGwi Pop Pals Ball! The latest in fetch technology, this ball will make your furry friend go wild with excitement. The first of its kind, our Pop Pals Ball is the perfect blend of high-performing hybrid...

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Company of Animals

Boomer Ball

$49.95 $9.95

The Boomer Ball is the perfect durable hard wearing toy. It is virtually indestructible and is ideal for those ball-obsessed toy destroyers, the larger-than-life characters who love to chase and conquer. Got a big dog with an unstoppable spirit? The...

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Tuffy Toys


$74.95 $64.95

Peyton the Peacock is as fun as he is colorful. Peyton is easy to toss and float! Features A suitable choice for dogs that tend to be rough with their toys and play vigorously Great for training, interactive wrestling play, or simply snuggling in...

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