Tracking, Nosework, Scent Detection, Search and Rescue Dogs require specialised equipment to be able to work  and perform correctly in their job or sport.

We ofer a variety of equipment to support your training and work.

Looking for something specific? Let us know and we can help you!

Car Shade Magnets Car Shade Magnets
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Car Shade Magnets

$49.95 $39.95

Tired of hooking your shade covers with zip ties to your crate or under the windscreen and door of your car? We have the solution! Just place six magnets on your car shade cloth (most people use aluminet). Two in the front, two in the middle and two on...

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Deluxe Heavy Duty Puppy Pen

$449.95 $198.00

If you need something sturdier than metal wire exercise playpens, this heavy-duty version may be just what you need. The good news is that this dog enclosure can be put away and setup in minutes, plus it stores completely flat so you can take it with...

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PRO Cirrus Wind Indicator

$189.95 $159.00

PRO CIRRUS - GAME CAMERA SD CARD READER The Pro Cirrus is the best wireless game camera reader on the market. We give you the capability to check your game camera images anywhere. It’s as simple as inserting your SD card and launching...

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ROCA Round Tug

$45.00 $38.00

You can use these tugs from a puppy through to adult dog and these are built to last! Being round in design these are the perfect toy to also engage in a game of fetch and tug too! Our ROCA Round Tugs come in two sizes these are made for strong dogs...

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Pinewood Prestwick Training Bag

$139.95 $129.95

This water repellent training bag is LUXURY!! Our Pinewood Prestwick Training Bag is so stylish it can also be used as a weekend bag for you! It is designed with stylish water-repellent suede imitation fabric with details in brass. It has two...

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Soft Dog Travel Crate


 Our latest design comess in 7 different sizes, this versatile, wind/water resistant fabirc crate is ideal for traveling, attending dog shows and events as well as used as a crate or bed at home. Reinforced by a heavy duty steel frame that folds...

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PETKIT Eversweet Travel Water Bottle

$29.95 $21.95

This Award-Winning PETKIT Eversweet Travel water bottle is the best solution for travelling with your pets and keeping them hydrated with fresh water all the time. The water bottle is made of food-grade BPA-free plastic and detachable through...

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Motion Flex Pants by Arrak

$149.95 $129.95

 Shipping information: Shipping Time Can Be Up To 7 - 10 Days. Please Select Normal Post & We Will Send Via Express Post Once These Arrive For You.  We order all our Arrak as orders come through to us. This ensures your handler...

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K9 Pro Dog Treat Pouch

$44.95 $34.95

Introducing our Latest K9 Pro Treat Pouch! Here at K9 Pro, we are always looking for the best quality products that will stand the test of time. Based on feedback from our customers we decided it was time to upgrade our treat pouch design! The...

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Cato Outdoors

Cato Plank and Cato Tilt Stand

$289.00 $194.95

  PREORDER NOW   Stock is Due to Land at K9 Pro Mid to Late MAY 2022     Take your Training to the next level with our Cato Outdoors Range! The Cato Plank with the Optional Cato Tilt Stand is a great tool for a variety of...

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Company of Animals

Whizzclick Clicker

$15.50 $11.95

The Whizzclick is a unique training aid which combines two of the most popular dog training tools, a clicker as well as a whistle. Using a clicker is not only a smart and fun way to train your dog it will also increase your dogs problems solving...

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Redline K9

Leather Bottcher Harness

$89.95 $60.00

  The bottcher harness was first used back in the 1920's and 1930's.  This is a very effective harness to use to train dogs to keep their nose down on the ground. The loop of the harness goes around the dogs haunches, with the lower line runs...

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