Tracking, Nosework, Scent Detection, Search and Rescue Dogs require specialised equipment to be able to work  and perform correctly in their job or sport.

We ofer a variety of equipment to support your training and work.

Looking for something specific? Let us know and we can help you!


Soft Dog Travel Crate


 Our latest design comess in 7 different sizes, this versatile, wind/water resistant fabirc crate is ideal for traveling, attending dog shows and events as well as used as a crate or bed at home. Reinforced by a heavy duty steel frame that folds...

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PETKIT Eversweet Travel Water Bottle

$29.95 $21.95

This Award-Winning PETKIT Eversweet Travel water bottle is the best solution for travelling with your pets and keeping them hydrated with fresh water all the time. The water bottle is made of food-grade BPA-free plastic and detachable through...

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Motion Flex Pants by Arrak

$149.95 $129.00

Introducing the newest addition from Arrak - The Motion Flex Pant These pants have a unique in 4-way stretch fabric for a perfect fit. From the knees down, these have a waterproof fabric that, for example, protects if you walk in wet terrain. Perfect...

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K9 Pro Dog Treat Pouch

$44.95 $34.95

Introducing our Latest K9 Pro Treat Pouch! Here at K9 Pro, we are always looking for the best quality products that will stand the test of time. Based on feedback from our customers we decided it was time to upgrade our treat pouch design! The...

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Cato Outdoors

Cato Plank and Cato Tilt Stand

$219.95 $149.00

Take your Training to the next level with our Cato Outdoors Range!   We do have another shipment of Cato planks with tilt stands on the way!    Our first preorder shipment has sold out This next batch is looking to be here by late...

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Whizzclick Clicker Whizzclick Clicker
Sold Out

Company of Animals

Whizzclick Clicker

$15.50 $11.95

The Whizzclick is a unique training aid which combines two of the most popular dog training tools, a clicker as well as a whistle. Using a clicker is not only a smart and fun way to train your dog it will also increase your dogs problems solving...

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Redline K9

Leather Bottcher Harness

$89.95 $60.00

  The bottcher harness was first used back in the 1920's and 1930's.  This is a very effective harness to use to train dogs to keep their nose down on the ground. The loop of the harness goes around the dogs haunches, with the lower line runs...

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Euro Joe Tactical Harness

$114.95 $104.95

This harness really does it all! Suitable for tracking & protection work it is also great conditioning and fitness exercises with your dog. This harness has multiple front and back attachments 2 on the top and two underneath, allowing it to be...

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Klin Sport

Syntek Sport Longline with handle

$74.95 $49.95

The round Syntek is perfect for line handling, building recalls, tracking & noseworks/ scent detection. It is approximately 3/8" diameter and has a great feel to the hand. These are also great for bush walking and taking your dog out to the...

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Klin Sport

Sportsdog Tug by Klin Sport

$49.95 $39.95

This tug is designed by by Klin Sport has several great functions for use! It is made for dogs working on grip work, send aways, building engament and handler focus and can also be used for a remote reward. The special thing about these tugs is...

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Klin Sport

Plush Puppy Tug

$19.95 $15.50

The Plush puppy tugs are perfect are for our puppies, young and soft mouthed dogs. These tugs are made in leather and stitched in plush material for material for your pup to start out your engagement games. Available in grey orange and pink. While you...

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Klin Sport

Leather Treat Pouch Tug

$24.00 $19.95

Made by our Klin Sport these lightweight tugs are extremely versatile and can be filled with treats too! By playing with your dog’s favourite treats in the tug, dogs that are less motivated by toys can be encouraged to play and tug, knowing their...

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