Agility Equipment

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Whizzclick Clicker

$15.50 $11.95

The Whizzclick is a unique training aid which combines two of the most popular dog training tools, a clicker as well as a whistle. Using a clicker is not only a smart and fun way to train your dog it will also increase your dogs problems solving...

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Cato Outdoor Training Boards Cato Outdoor Training Boards

Cato Outdoors

Cato Outdoor Training Boards

$210.00 $129.00

Cato Boards- The Perfect Training Tool for EVERY Dog IN STOCK NOW!!! Place training is crucial for dog training, and the Cato Board is the perfect tool for teaching this all-important command. Safe, elevated, sturdy, and portable. The Cato Board...

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Syntek Leash Dark Blue

$49.95 $36.95

 Syn Tek Leash WEATHERPROOF DARK BLUE Available in 5/8" (16mm) Available in 4ft and 6ft lengths Our 5/8"Dark Blue Syntek Leash is of unbelievable quality. Made from a material that looks and feels like leather, it is stronger and lighter than...

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Agility Tunnel Holder

$117.45 $99.45

Looking to keep your agility tunnel secure and stop it from rolling or being dragged as the dog runs through it? Checkout our Saddle Bags! Preorder Now Stock to be available late March! Colours that will be available are: Blue Yellow, Red,...

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Klin Sport

Premium Leather Tugs by Klin Sport

$34.95 $24.00

These premium leather tugs by our friends at Klin sport are great for targeted heeling, fronts and static heel positions, engagement games or to get that head start with your puppy for competition obedience!  These tugs are designed as motivational...

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Klin Sport

French Linen Tugs By Klin Sport

$32.50 $25.00

These French linen tugs are specially made for our dogs and are designed for interactive activities. These two handle tug toys are an excellent drive building tool. A perfect tool to use for dog sports, engagement and focus, targeted heeling, send outs...

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Klin IGP Dog Jump Klin IGP Dog Jump

Klin Sport

Klin IGP Dog Jump

$300.00 $235.00

We currently have PINK IGP JUMPS AVAILABLE If you after a specific colour shoot us an email at and we can assist from there with colours and a preorder!  Designed with sport dogs in mind, this is a sturdy and light-weight...

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Redline K9

Agility Tug

$35.95 $32.95

The Sheepskin Agility Tug is not only an excellent reward but it's also perfect for teaching striking, gripping and tugging. The soft nylon handle is finished with a sturdy loop for easy gripping. Made from real medical grade sheepskin and...

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Sportsdog Tug by Klin Sport Sportsdog Tug by Klin Sport
Sold Out

Klin Sport

Sportsdog Tug by Klin Sport

$49.95 $39.95

This tug is designed by by Klin Sport has several great functions for use! It is made for dogs working on grip work, send aways, building engament and handler focus and can also be used for a remote reward. The special thing about these tugs is...

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Klin Sport

Plush Puppy Tug

$19.95 $15.50

The Plush puppy tugs are perfect are for our puppies, young and soft mouthed dogs. These tugs are made in leather and stitched in plush material for material for your pup to start out your engagement games. Available in grey orange and pink. While you...

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Klin Sport

Leather Treat Pouch Tug

$24.00 $19.95

Made by our Klin Sport these lightweight tugs are extremely versatile and can be filled with treats too! By playing with your dog’s favourite treats in the tug, dogs that are less motivated by toys can be encouraged to play and tug, knowing their...

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Elite K9 Flirt Pole

  These flirt poles are used for building drive and engagement in dogs and are strong enough to use with both a young or an adult dog.  Made by our friends at Elite K9 Features an strong 59cm plastic shaft and 63cm bite rag and are attached...

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Arrak Softshell Acadia Vest - Ladies

$136.30 $109.00

Arrak Softshell Vest Women's   A  innovative vest made specially for training and competition. Arrak has taken the best from years of their experience and put it into this garment. This vest is highly recommended to be used during most...

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Arrak Beanie - with LED Light

$34.50 $24.95

Arrak Beanie Arrak Outdoor has a beanie with a LED lamp on the forehead. This product is the perfect item to wear at night when going for a walk so that you can see in the dark or at dusk & dawn when tracking. A knitted...

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