When offering food products to our site, we only offer what we believe to be the best quality food and dog treats for your pet.

We look for food that is nutritious, all natural and airdried. We keep away from the nasty chemicals that can be in some products, so we are only offering the best for your dog!

Huds and Toke



While you are tucking into Christmas Pudding on Christmas Day, your puppy no longer needs to feel left out.  This delicious treat is made from an all-natural nutty base and is a circle shaped biscuit, coated in our low-fat yoghurt no melt frosting,...

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KONG Ziggies Treats

$19.95 $13.00

KONG Ziggies are a healthy treat made with a savory chicken flavor. These deliciously chewy treats are safe, highly digestible and freshen your dog’s breath. When stuffed into any of your dog’s large KONG rubber toys, Ziggies last twice...

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KONG Stuff N Snacks

$19.95 $9.95

KONG Liver Snacks are made with delicious flavors for a biscuit that dog's LOVE!! These high-quality treats are all-natural and do not contain wheat, corn or soy giving them an irresistible flavor that is  great for any treating moment. This...

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KONG Easy Treat - Liver

$19.95 $16.45

KONG Liver Easy Treat is a delicious treat that delights all types of dogs while providing an easy no-mess solution for pet parents. This highly-digestible and trans-fat free treat is an enticingly delicious addition when added to a stuffed KONG. A...

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Prime 100

Prime100 Single Protein Diet Rolls

$19.95 $19.00

Now available for PICKUP ONLY at our shop!! Due to being a food source - we cannot ship these items.  We do offer this as pick up in our store. Prime100 SPD and Sk-D200 rolls are ideal for dogs with allergies but are also the best training food...

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Dried Pig Ears Pack

$17.95 $15.00

  Every dog loves a dried pig ear treat! Add a five pack of pig ears to your next order! A tried and true favourite! Pigs ears are a high protein, low fat and they are 100% all natural treats that ALL dogs love! These pig ears are all natural and...

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