Here at K9 Pro, we make some really great collars.

Our Premium Leather Collars are unmatched anywhere for the leathers softness and strength, they have that old school look and feel and are made by Amish Leather workers.

Our Soft Hide Leather collars are just as soft as our premium leather but are a little thicker and are natural brown in colour.

People pick up our leather products and they cannot believe how soft they are, even from brand new.

We only use the highest quality solid hardware and all our stitching is heavy duty 277 commercial stitching. So whether you are looking for a stunning collar to dress up your stunning dog or s super tough collar to go on your working dog, you have found the right place.

Make no mistake, we only have the best!


Rolled Premium Leather Collars

$49.95 $42.95

Rolled Premium Leather Collars   Made from our famous Premium Leather, our rolled leather collars are designed to prevent fur 'cutting' or damage in long and thick coated breeds. Finished with solid hardware and heavy duty commercial stitching,...

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