F10SC Veterinary Disinfectant

F10 Hand Sanitising Gel

$45.00 $39.95

F10 Hand Gel Hand Decontamination KILLS PARVO! Please note this product is currently of of stock until July- August 2020 if we can assist you with a preorder please send us an email at F10Sc is Internationally Acclaimed as the...

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Tuf Foot

Tuf-Foot for dogs

Tuf-Foot for Dogs Whether your dog assists in the hunt, pulls a sled, searches through rubble, or just hangs out in the yard, TUF-FOOT can keep his sensitive paw pads in excellent condition. TUF-FOOT toughens and protects soft, sore and tender...

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Troy Nutripet 200g

$18.99 $16.99

Troy Nutripet 200g  Steve says "I use this products a lot for dogs that are fussy eaters, have slow metabolisms and low food drive. It develops a healthy appetite fast and is good for dogs". Troy Nutripet provides extra energy, vitamins and...

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Ketch All Animal Control Pole Products

$399.00 $279.95

Animal Control "Catch" PoleBy Ketch All   If you handle dogs that can be aggressive, vicious, aggressive or unpredictable, then you NEED one of these. The are made from aircraft grade aluminum tubing which is super strong yet light and easy to...

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F10SC Veterinary Disinfectant

F10 Hand Disinfectant Hand Rub

$45.00 $39.95

F10 Hand Rub Hand Decontamination - 500ml size KILLS PARVO! F10Sc is Internationally Acclaimed as the benchmark in Kennel Disinfectant, killing Parvo virus where other products don't touch it. This hand rub comes in a 500ml size is a slightly viscous...

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Heat Pack

$9.95 $7.50

Heat Pack for Snuggle Puppies! Need a replacement heat pack for your Snuggle Puppy? You’re in the right place! These go inside our Snuggle Puppys to make them heat up and feel super cozy for your puppy or older dog, it doesn't really matter, all...

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$94.95 $88.50

PetArk CALM - 200g   PetArk Calm is now super concentrated due to the formula incorporating more herbal extracts rather than cut herbs. The formula is double the concentrate and therefore the dose rate has effectively halved! Dose rates: Large...

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