Elite K9

Elite K9

Elite K9 Neoprene Gauntlet

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Neoprene Gauntlet by Elite K9 This premium quality ¼" thick neoprene gauntlet is for use with bite suits, bite sleeves, and hidden sleeves. Neoprene arm protector is worn under hidden...

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Elite K9

Elite K-9 Bite Suit


Elite K-9 Bite Suit Elite K9's Bite suits are high quality, handcrafted bite suits are designed to be flexible and easy to move in. These suits provide a high level of protection but are not as...

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Elite K9

Odour Imprinting Ball


Odour Imprinting Ball These balls are similar in size to a tennis ball, have virtually no smell so that the odour of your training aid will be the most abundant odor source and feature holes evenly...

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Obedience/Heeling Stick Obedience/Heeling Stick
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Elite K9

Obedience/Heeling Stick

$44.95 $39.00

Obedience/Heeling Stick This is a great tool to have in your tool box when training competition heel work. We use the heeling stick to help guide the dog into the correct position and increase rear...

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