Synthetic Hose Tugs are great for building drive, great for any sport as they are light and movable yet strong and durable and great in water as they float!

We have a range of sizes so you can get the right size for your dog and also accustom your dog to biting various surfaces and sizes.

They are sewn with the Heavy Duty 277 Industrial thread and have heavy duty nylon handles.

These are a harder tug that is more durable than any other and great for a dog that wont out!


1" x 12" Synthetic Single Handled Tug

$19.50 $17.50

Pocket Tug Toy These small Synthetic Tugs are great for building drive in any dog, also a good size for smaller dogs that will play tug, or would like to! They are tough tugs that will last a long time, if not left out to be chewed.We have various...

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2" x 12" Synthetic Two Handled Tug
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2" x 12" Synthetic Two Handled Tug

$27.95 $20.50

These intermediate sized Synthetic Tugs are great for your medium to large sized dogs that are being trained in drive or to tug just for fun. As these float you can throw them in the water, have you dog fetch them and or play tug with them.These are...

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