We only sell and recommend Herm Sprenger Collars as they are the worlds best!

The Prong Training collar, or Pinch collar or Pressure Point Collar (all the same thing), is a behaviour modification tool.

There are many people that shy away from tools such as this, but there is no need, it is just a tool.

Many people think that these are tools of abuse, but in reality, abuse is in the user.

We do not recommend using this tool or any tool without professional instruction...

To learn how to size your collar, click here (fitting guide.)

We have two styles of prong collar: -

Herm Sprenger Stainless Steel

This is the worlds best prong collar, exceptionally strong and resilient to all weather conditions, this is my first choice for most dogs.

The Neck Tech Stainless Prong Collar

This is the new style of collar that is taking on fast, great for short or smooth coated dogs, very very strong and comes standard with a Quick release system.


The Chrome plating has been known to peel, causing serious skin infections!

We only sell Herm Sprenger Prong collars at K9 Pro!


Prong Collar Cover

$30.00 $29.00

Prong Collar Nylon Cover We believe that prong collars (used correctly and under the correct training) are an effective training tool for you and your dog. But we do realise that some people feel they may not look so "pretty".For this reason we have...

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Stabilisation Collar


Stabilisation Collar or Dominant Dog Collar   This type of behaviour Modification Collar has been around for a long time; they just are not widely understood. These type of collars need to be used in a specific manner to work with seriously...

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