Dietary Supplements can be a huge benefit to your dogs health, fitness, well being and performance.

At K9 PRO we aim to only stock the products the give the best PROVEN results available.

We use and highly recommend the Animal Naturals performance supplements for breeding females, pups, show dogs and performance working or sport dogs.

Rose Hip Vital

Rose Hip Vital

$35.80 $28.64

Rose Hip Vital Rose-Hip Vital Canine® is an exciting and innovative new treatment that may be of benefit in improving the joint health and general wellbeing of active and aging dogs. It’s made from 100% pure and natural Rosehip fruit that...

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Troy Nutripet 200g

$13.61 $12.18

Troy Nutripet 200g  Steve says "I use this products a lot for dogs that are fussy eaters, have slow metabolisms and low food drive. It develops a healthy appetite fast and is good for dogs". Troy Nutripet provides extra energy, vitamins and...

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