Midwest Car Crates


Midwest Solutions SUV Crates Midwest SUV Crates are designed to fit side-by-side in the back of mid to large SUVs, Vans and Utes. Two models are available, and although one is larger than the other, they are both 21" wide, giving an overall width of 42"...

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Mystery Toy Bag


Mystery Toy Bag Available in two sizes Treat your dog for a bargain! Our Mystery Toy Bag is guaranteed to have a minimum of two quality toys, hand selected per order, plus a yummy treat for your dog – it’s like a Doggy lucky dip! Surprise...

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Precision Heeling Pack

Precision Heeling Pack

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K9 Pro Precision Heeling Pack This is probably the hottest topic in obedience – how to get beautiful heeling. With the use of these products and your training system, you will be well on the way for success!   Obedience/Heeling...

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