Redline K9

Bite Wedge Two Handle

Y441.99 Y342.67

Bite Wedge This Bite Wedge is made from FRENCH LINEN (Bite Suit Material) or Jute and has recessed secure handles. The great thing about these are that they can be used by people training bite work or drive work at home with less risk of being bitten...

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Elite K9

K9 Behaviour Shaping Device HDPE

Y11,173.95 Y9,684.09

K9 Behaviour Shaping Device HDPE Box kit Steve has thoroughly tested this system and prefers it over all others he has tested. This system is a very efficient way to train any scent detection dog and even better when training multiple dogs in a Canine...

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Obedience/Heeling Stick


Obedience/Heeling Stick This is a great tool to have in your tool box when training competition heel work. We use the heeling stick to help guide the dog into the correct position and increase rear end and position awareness. This heeling stick has a...

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Planet Dog

Orbee Christmas Pack

Y297.72 Y235.89

Orbee Christmas Pack An ideal gift to put under the Christmas tree for that naughty puppy in your life! For the dog who promises to be better next year!    From Planet Dog Orbee Series this great value pack contains: Christmas Tree -...

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Planet Dog Christmas Special

Y223.48 Y198.40

 Planet Dog Christmas Special Give That Furry friend in your life a gift under the tree too! Get a great special for under $40.00 while stocks last   Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree! How chewy are your branches! Included in this pack...

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Redline K9

RedLine K9 Karl Tug

Y223.48 Y206.10

Redline K9 Karl Tug RedLine K9 Bite Suit Tug Toys are made from french linen material. These tugs are extremly durable and at the same time provides a soft surface for your dog to sink his teeth into. Handles are made with 1" nylon webbing and large...

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Roca Bite Suit (Training Level)


Roca Bite Suit Training Level Suit We love these suits, the design and fit is excellent and the fabric is aimed at protecting your dogs teeth as well as your skin. Dogs that slip off suits can break teeth and some fabrics we have tested hold a lot of...

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Redline K9

Syntek Leash Pack


 Syn Tek Leash - Orange Grab a bargain 2 leashes for under $50.00!  Get in while stock lasts and nab a great special! One 4 foot and one 6 foot high quality Syntek Leash for 40% off our standard price!   Our Orange Syn Tek Leash is...

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Synthetic Tug Value Pack

Y426.84 Y337.70

Synthetic Tug Value Pack Grab a great bargain for your dog while stocks last! Normally $85.95, get this great value pack for $68.00!! Get three of our best selling Synthetic Tugs Tug 1 - 2" x 10" Synthetic Tugs Tug 2 - 2" x 12" Synthetic Tugs Tug 3...

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Tug Pack Special


Tug Pack 4 pack of tugs while stocks last! Spoil your new best friend by purchasing this interactive pack of tugs. Tugs are great for improving a dogs grip and or working with dogs that are not yet sure on their grip as well for building drive and...

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