Herm Sprenger

Check Chain - Herm Sprenger


Herm Sprenger Check Chain Stainless Steel 4.0mm Herm Sprenger is known for high quality products made in Germany these Stainless Steel Check Chains can be used for training, dog shows, obedience or walking your dog. Features: Round chain with...

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Dog Weight Vest by XDOG


Dog Weight Vest by XDOG Improve Overall Health | Made to Fit All Breeds | Power Up Performance | High Quality & Durable The XDOG weighted vest is designed to help improve your dog's overall health, strength, and performance levels. It also helps...

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ROCA Training Vest

$166.95 $139.95

Roca Training Vest New Updated Design Roca Sport make very stylish and functional dog training vests with multiple large pockets to store food and toys in whilst you train. Made from heavy duty durable nylon with open weave back for air flow these are...

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Elite K9

ScentLogix Magnetic 360° Stash Tubes

$54.95 $49.45

ScentLogix Magnetic 360° Stash Tube The Above-Ground Stash Tubes are made from galvanized steel and come with a powerful magnet. They can be placed anywhere or attached onto any metallic item, such as the underside of cars or behind metallic panels...

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$84.99 $56.95

SnuggleSafe MICROWAVE HEATPAD The unique microwave heat pad, designed especially for use in animals' beds. A 21cm round disc (the size of a dinner plate), that fits into any microwave oven and snuggly into any pet’s bed. The SnuggleSafe heatpad is...

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Syn Tek Martingale Collar

$54.95 $49.50

Syn Tek Martingale Collars Custom designed by Steve Courtney - We are excited to introduce our new range of all-weather Syn Tek Martingale Collars! These Syn Tek Martingale Collars are made to the high standard that we are famous for when it comes to...

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XDOG Parachute
Sold Out


XDOG Parachute


Parachute for XDOG Weight Harness More stock is on its way! We expect to have this item back in store in the next 2-4 weeks.If you require assistance with a preorder please contact us at orders@k9pro.com.au and we will be happy to assist you...

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