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Educator Remote Training Collars


E Collar Technologies are the inventor of the EDUCATOR (formerly Einstein) Electric Collars. Educator collars are more advanced, have improved technology and weigh less than the competitors.

The Vibration mode has been altered from a constant vibration that many dogs are scared of and many other learn to ignore, into "Tapping" sensation which has greater feel to it than a vibration alone.

The Tapping sensation feels to the dog like he is being "tapped on the shoulder", rather than a vibration that can make the dog think something is crawling on it.

E Collar Technologies have spent a considerable amount of time making sure that their stimulation is "cleaner" but also has a higher intensity when needed.

The stimulation dial on the Educator is easier to adjust and has the "lock and set" feature to prevent accidental over-stimulation, for 2 dogs each dog can be locked in to a different level.

The Educator stimulation is of a "medical grade" type that does not cause head jerking but will obtain compliance.

Another technological advantage of Educator Collars is that they have the quickest stimulation in the industry. In other words from the time you push the button to the time stimulation starts is the shortest in the industry. This may be a subtle to many but competition trainers like it very much.

All the Educator units have night lights which either flash or remain on, this is set by the user from the remote. They have programmable modes allowing the user to select different uses for the buttons.

All of the Educator transmitters float and are waterproof to 500 feet, that is 150 metres!

They are super durable too and can withstand 5000 Gs of shock. Comparable e-collars are good to 60' and 1000 Gs of shock, tough but not as tough.

E collar Technologies use Biothane collar straps for unsurpassed durability.

K9 PRO prefer Educators over all others because they have the best features, reliability, warranty and at the best price.

2 Year warranty 30 day, no questions asked money back guarantee !

Before using any electronic collar, check the laws in your state, the laws surrounding the use of electronic collars vary throughout every state and are in many cases difficult to understand.

We can sell you a collar system and strongly believe in this type of training, but use of these systems are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. K9 Pro cannot be in an way held responsible for the manner or location you use these devices in. If you do not agree with this, do not purchase a system from us.

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