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Dogtra iQ, Dogtra Surestim, Dogtra Edge

Buy from people who train with remote collars...

Not just sell them...



We have used the Dogtra brand for a long time, they have proven to be the most reliable and robust units with great features.

We have listed the most common models we stock, but we are able to advise you on the system that will suit your needs best, without selling you a collar that more than what you need, ending up a waste of money. We can provide you expert training with these collars.


Before using any electronic collar, check the laws in your state, the laws surrounding the use of electronic collars vary throughout every state and are in many cases difficult to understand.

We can sell you a collar system and strongly believe in this type of training, but use of these systems are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. K9 Pro cannot be in an way held responsible for the manner or location you use these devices in. If you do not agree with this, do not purchase a system from us.

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