We believe that Remote Training collars can be a necessary tool for some dogs or some people that need to get control of a behaviour.

Whilst there are people that will spout off about the collars being cruel, most people are intelligent enough to make rational decisions.

We have the Dogtra and E Collar Technologies Brands.

The key to good training is choosing a quality collar that will meet your dogs temperament.

E Collar Technologies

FT-330 Finger Trainer Educator

$499.00 $475.00

FT-330  Finger Trainer Educator E-Collar Technologies Latest Innovation!  The FT-330  Finger Trainer Educator   This 800 Metre range remote trainer has all the features found in the ET-300 Mini Educator with the addition of a...

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The Dogtra Pathfinder

$750.00 $699.00

DOGTRA Pathfinder Email us for a pre-order at for assistance The Dogtra Pathfinder brings GPS and e-collar technology right to your smartphone, giving you a more intelligent and responsive way to track and train your dogs...

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