Are you bringing a puppy home or have already got one and need some puppy friendly gear?

We have a wide range of suitable puppy toys and equipment that we have trialed and tested when raising our own pups.

Be sure to check out our Knowledge Base for great articles on puppy raising, socialisation and development and contact us if you'd like to know more about our puppy raising training programs.

Dean and Tyler - Fun Dog Harness

Dean and Tyler

Dean and Tyler - Fun Dog Harness

$99.95 $59.95

Harness DT Fun These are a great versatile, all round harness that is great for training, tracking, general use, puppies and adult dogs. Purchase a side patch to sit on either side of the harness to help send the message to passers by what your dog is...

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Euro Joe

Euro Joe Bite Sleeve Number 3

$169.00 $140.00

Euro Joe Bite Sleeve no.3 The Euro Joe Number 3 Arm Sleeve is an intermediate level sleeve for training young or inexperienced adult dogs that are still developing their grip. Starting young or undeveloped dogs on hard sleeves often serves to create...

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