Are you bringing a puppy home or have already got one and need some puppy friendly gear?

We have a wide range of suitable puppy toys and equipment that we have trialed and tested when raising our own pups.

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Tick Key

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Tick Key 99.99% Success rate! There are so many tick products on the market these days, who knows what is best to use? And even with our best intentions of preventative care for our pets, sometimes, we just can't avoid the pesky tick.We have researched...

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Tug Toy 16" x 1.5" Leather Tug No Handles
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Tug Toy 16" x 1.5" Leather Tug No Handles

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Leather Tug Toy 1.5" x 16" Padded Medium NO HANDLES We were pretty excited when testing these new tugs, Steve designed this size, shape and chose this chap type leather to provide a very durable tug, that is easy to grip and gives great feedback from...

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