All of our Muzzles come with a FREE Muzzle Training program written by Behaviourist Steve Courtney!

All of our muzzles are strength rated, suitable for vet biting pets to man stopping Police Service Dogs.

One thing you will notice is that, none of our muzzles prevent the dog from drinking, panting or stress responses such as barking. We do not agree with the products that do this and will not sell them.

Occlusive muzzles that stop the dog opening their mouths often induce a high degree of stress in a dog and aggressive responses can elevate, our basket style muzzles will not do this.

Our Leather range are all handmade, soon as you get one in your hand you will see the quality craftsmanship instantly.

Our plastic range gives you a lightweight option and a budget price,whilst maintaining quality and safety.

If you have a reactive or aggressive dog, using a muzzle is a responsible part of owning and training this dog. All our muzzles meet requirements for Dangerous Dog Declarations.

Leather Muzzle Redline K9 Leather Police dog muzzle Australia

Redline K9

RedLine K9 Leather Agitation Muzzle

$229.00 $129.00

RedLine K9 DSG Leather Agitation / Police Dog Muzzle One of the best agitation muzzles on the market today! We supply these to Australian Police Canine Units, Correctional Services and Armed Forces Hand made in the USA by Amish craftsmen, this heavy...

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