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These Syn Tek lines are incredibly good; they need no care or maintenance, are weather proof, UV stabilised and very strong yet light. We of course only finish them with 277 Heavy duty commercial stitching and brass hardware. We do no rivet these as the strength is on the centre core, and punching a hole through the core would substantially weaken the line.

Features: -

  • Unaffected by temperatures between -10 c and +150 c
  • Look and feel like high quality leather
  • Soft from brand new, no break in period
  • Will not stretch or break.
  • Will not need maintenance, oiling, waxing or protection from weather, EVER!
  • Will not attract water, mud, dirt or grit, can be used in any weather, for ever.
  • Super strong, approx. 40% stronger than any leather.
  • Light enough to use on any dog, strong enough for any dog too.


Long Line Syn Tek 10m x 16mm

$79.00 $73.00

Long Line WEATHERPROOF Syn Tek Official Tracking length 10m 16mm wide New Colours Coming Soon! We will shortly have stock of Pink, Orange, Green, Purple and Red! If you are interested in a particular colour preorder now at

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