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Premium Leather Leash

by K9 Pro

You can stop looking, you have found the best...


When someone has shown you the most awesome leather leash you have ever felt and say "its a K9 Pro Leash", this is what they are talking about.

These Leather dog leashes are our biggest seller; we believe they are the best leash we sell and you won’t find better!

Hand made by our own people from the strongest yet softest leather you will find.

EVERY leash is HAND stitched and inspected.

EVERY leash has a solid brass bolt snap on the end and EVERY leash is stitched with Heavy Duty 277 Commercial grade stitching and rivets in most sizes!

No matter what size dog you have, he will not be able to break this leash, period!

Used by Police, Armed Forces and Correctional services!

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