Worlds Finest leashes!


We have a range of leashes for you to choose from, there are a few things that are common to them all.

They are all made from high quality materials such as Premium Leather, Syn Tek or Cotton (K9 Pro is the Australian Distributor of Gripper USA)

They all have solid BRASS bolt snaps and they are all the HIGHEST QUALITY you will find anywhere in the world!

The leash, at least, should provide safety for your dog, when choosing a leash, most people don't put enough consideration into the strength of the leash.

Don't buy your leash based on the amount of pressure your dog puts on it on an average walk, or how cute the leash is, make no mistake the leash is a safety item. 



Long Line Syn Tek 5m x 16mm

$59.00 $53.00

Long Line WEATHERPROOF Syn Tek Official Tracking length 5m 16mm wide New Colours! Blue Coming Soon! Our 5 metre (15 foot) Syn Tek Long Line is of unbelievable quality. Made from a material that looks and feels like leather, it is stronger and...

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