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Car Seat Belt Dog Harness

Having your dog in the car means that it must be restrained, BY LAW!

Whilst the different states of Australia have different laws, some will issue a fine and some will not, but either way a dog loose in a car is a driver distraction and in the event of an accident, the dog can become a projectile inside the car that can injure or kill a person and of course the dog may also be injured or die. The fines in NSW for an unrestrained dog in a car that is distracting the driver is $338.00 and this goes up to $422.00 in a school zone.

On top of that the RSPCA can fine a dog owner $5500.00 if a dog is injured in a car accident and the dog was not secured in the vehicle. So make sure you keep your dog safe when travelling, if you don't have a crate or similar in your car, get a quality car harness!

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