Elite K9

Buddy Bowl

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Buddy Bowl  Black Spill Proof  The Original Buddy Bowl is a spill/splash-proof water bowl that holds 1 Litre even when turned upside down. It's perfect for use in the vehicle or for travel and is ideal for small breeds and puppies. Made from...

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Crate Buckets

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Crate Bucket Stainless Steel   These crate buckets are flat sided so that they wont move around too much. They have a hook so they can be hooked onto your crate door or sides and are made from all high quality stainless steel. We love these as...

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DuraPet Premium SS Pet Bowl


Durapet Premium Stainless Steel Pet Bowl High quality, heavy gauge stainless steel makes these bowls extremely durable, entirely hygienic and easy to clean - not mention hard to destroy! The heavier weight also lends more stability. Each bowl has a...

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Cruiser Bowl

K9 Cruiser Bowl


K9 Cruiser Bowl Anti-Spill Water Bowl   The K9 Cruiser Bowl is a proprietary designed anti-spill pet water bowl built with durability and made for a purpose. The unique design of the water bowl discourages dogs from playing with water. It also...

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Litter Feeding Bowl
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Litter Feeding Bowl

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Placing a big bowl down and letting puppies fght for their food is a sure way to create a dog that is a resource guarder, in other words gets aggressive around food. These bowls allow each puppy to feed and they will not be elbowed out by other pups...

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Torus Filtered Water Bowl


Torus Filtered Water Bowl Why use TORUS?   Fresh, clean water all day and nightPets need plenty of fresh, clean water every day to remain healthy. Conventional water bowls often contain a small amount of water that can be further reduced by...

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